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Thank you! It was an amazing journey. 

Sponsurf started when Ben and I were university students. We wanted to help surf committees organise their trips abroad so they didn't have the same stresses we faced. But our ultimate goal was to get more people to discover surfing. 

Reflecting on the past 10 years I would say we achieved this. We sent thousands of students abroad, worked with some of the best surf camps on offer and made countless new friends along the way. We had fun developing new concepts like the Surf Week and hosted unforgettable music events. 


Sadly, I have taken the decision to close the books. It was an amazing life chapter and I would personally like to share my thanks to partners, universities, friends and my family who supported this dream.

We will likely have a closing party at BUCS this year - one last dance (follow us on IG for more info). Until then, thanks for everything. See you out in the lineup. 


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