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Trusted by University Surf Groups across the UK

The Student Surf Travel Community

Get advice, quotes and cashback from the best surf camps for student groups across Europe and Morocco.

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Discover and get quotes from the best Surf Camps for University groups

Save time searching for the perfect surf camp


We've handpicked a selection of camps across Europe & Morocco for quality, price and suitability for student groups

Get an honest review

Don't just believe us - speak with other University groups in our community about their experiences


Get cashback when you book through our partner camps 

When you book a group holiday with one of our partner surf camps via our site, the surf camp will give us a commission for sending them customers. We share this commission with you, which we call 'cashback'.

We have 'been there and done that'

Having spent the past 10 years travelling across Europe and Morocco, we've discovered the best surf spots and Surf Camps that are suitable for student groups. Join our community and we'll walk you through options, connect you with the camp booking managers for quotes and with group leaders who have visited before so you can get an extra honest review. 

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Spain & Canaries 🇪🇸

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France 🇫🇷

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Portugal 🇵🇹

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Morocco 🇲🇦


Here to party?

Over the past 7 years we have built the most talked about night, that takes place over the BUCS surf weekend. We aim to push the boundaries to bring you the latest DJs and sounds from around the world. This year is no different.


How it works

1.  Sign up to join the community 

2. Review our list of surf camps and request quotes [best prices guaranteed]

3. Send off for quotes from within the platform

4. Claim cashback for your club after your trip*


Participating camps only

How it works

What do you get?

We have made this community FREE for all university surf clubs. Check out what you get by signing up below.

➕ Area guides, camp reviews specifically made for student groups

➕ Tried and tested surf camps for small & large student groups

➕ Access discounted tickets for our BUCS after party 

➕ Speak to other groups and club leaders

➕ Read reviews from other groups & message other surf club leaders

➕ Send off for quotes within the platform

➕ Get cashback for your club 

➕ Added booking perks (e.g. free trips worth +£100's)

Sponsurf earns commission from group bookings in order to power the service. This commission is NOT added to prices ensuring university groups get the best prices guaranteed.

  • Why does the community exist?
    We believe that every University Surf Club should get the support it deserves, so that they can grow and get more people to discover surfing.
  • Who is the community for?
    All University surf committee members and surf camp managers
  • How do people join the community?
    University surf clubs (ideally) signup before the start of the new academic year (by September) so that their committee get the best experience but we accept clubs at any point in the year Each committee member will get added to the platform once we have their email address
  • How do members leave the community?
    So long as you are a current member of your committee and your club has paid to be part of the community you will be a member. Memberships run until the end of June each year.
  • What experiences do members share?
    Friday & Saturday night after parties at BUCS Welcome call (Late October)
  • What is the community value?
    We are building out two sides of the community. Firstly we are developing a deep knowledge base of our the best and most suitable surf camps across Europe and Morocco for clubs to visit. Through our community you can either get support from us or other clubs as to which camp is most suitable for your group. You’ll be able to speak with the camp managers, get quotes and book from within the platform also. Secondly we are working with old and new committees to put together a knowledge base that includes videos, articles, webinars and resources that will support leaders with their respective roles.  Aside from what Sponsurf publish, the real value comes from being able to connect with and speak with other surf club leaders across the UK.
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